Hydrogen Fuel Revolution: Transforming the Heavy Truck Fuel Market

In an era marked by a growing imperative to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions, the transportation sector stands as a critical battleground. Among various solutions emerging, hydrogen has emerged as a promising contender, particularly in heavy-duty trucking where electrification faces significant challenges. This article delves into the potential of hydrogen in the heavy […]

The State of Self-Storage Investment and Emerging Trends

The State of Self-Storage Investment and Emerging Trends Self-Storage Introduction In recent years, the self-storage industry has emerged as a resilient and dynamic sector within the real estate market. Investors seeking stable returns and diversification have turned their attention to this ever-evolving niche. As we delve into the current state of self-storage investment, it’s crucial […]

The RV Parks Sector Insights and Metrics

RVs and RV parks have long held an essential place within North America’s dynamic travel culture. However, in recent years, as preferences in travel continue to transform and an increasing number of individuals opt for unconventional and adventurous vacation choices, RV parks have emerged as a favored option for many travelers. In the context of […]

What Makes CPE Different?

Private equity is a type of investment that involves investing in privately held companies in exchange for equity ownership. Private equity funds are typically managed by investment professionals who seek to generate high returns for their investors by improving the operations, growth prospects, and financial performance of the companies in which they invest. While private […]

RV Park Investing in Texas

One exciting and promising avenue for accredited investors seeking to expand their investment horizons is the world of RV parks, which have gained popularity among both young and older generations. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the opportunities presented by the RV park industry in Texas and introduce Custom Private Equity, a company embarking […]

What is an Accredited Investor?

If you’ve ever looked into investing in a private company or hedge fund, you may have come across the term “accredited investor.” But what exactly is an accredited investor? And why do certain investment opportunities require them? In the United States, an accredited investor is defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an […]

What is Your Personal Investment Philosophy?

Every person has experiences that form their Personal Investment Philosophy, also known as your PIP. Some people received their investment philosophy from their parents, some from a mentor, others from schooling, and some from experience… wherever your PIP comes from, it is one thing that makes you unique. What you need is an asset manager […]

What Is Private Equity and Why Is It Important?

Private equity is a fascinating and dynamic form of asset acquisition that often leaves people with questions. What is it, and why is it important in the world of finance and business?  Private Equity: An Overview Private equity is a form of portfolio divestment that revolves around privately-held companies that are not publicly traded on […]

Self-Storage Industry Investing: The Time is Right

The Time is Right for Self-Storage Industry Investing in Texas When you think of real estate investing, you typically think of rental housing, apartment complex or commercial real estate property leasing. But believe it or not, one of the best investment opportunities to rise up over the past few decades is the self-storage industry. One […]

Self-Storage Investing in Texas

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” — Warren Buffett As Warren Buffett so astutely points out – the way to wealth is to learn how to grow your money without having to work harder or longer. Passive income is the most desirable route […]