What is Your Personal Investment Philosophy?

July 17, 2023

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Every person has experiences that form their Personal Investment Philosophy, also known as your PIP.

Some people received their investment philosophy from their parents, some from a mentor, others from schooling, and some from experience… wherever your PIP comes from, it is one thing that makes you unique.

What you need is an asset manager is someone that can understand your PIP. Someone with a broad range of experience that will listen to your personal investment philosophy and mold an asset management strategy around your specific needs and desires. Someone who will manage your risk to your risk tolerance. Someone who is calm, collected and profits when you profit. Someone who will put their money to work beside yours.

To succeed in investing, you need to establish your ‘Do’s and Dont’s. The following questions will start the discussion and help you and your asset manager determine your true PIP.

What do I understand about investments?

What do you not understand about investments?

What will I invest in? What will I NOT invest in?

What type of risk am I comfortable with?

Do I need cash in my pocket today or can I invest for a longer time frame?

Does losing money cause me hardship?

Do I want to understand exactly what my money is doing or just invest and receive monthly statements?

Would I borrow to make an investment?

Do I want to focus on tax advantaged investments or ordinary income?

Do I want to manage assets directly or hire a manager?

Your answers to these and more will help everyone understand where you should place your money.

With over 40 years of experience, we are able to create unique investment opportunities, custom-made for you that fit your Personal Investment Philosophy and tolerance for risk.

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