Winning with
Private Equity

Professional Investor - Paul Anthony Thomas

by Paul Anthony Thomas

The rules of private investing are omnipresent and learned through experience. Before you place your hard earned money in a private deal, you need to read this book.
Inside You’ll learn:
a. Common pitfalls to watch for from the sponsor.
b. How to screen a sponsor for honesty and sincerity.
c. How to tell a real sponsor/investor from a promoter.

Paul will tell you his stories from a long career in this interesting but complex field. Examples of stories include:
1. Opportunities Missed.
2. The Keys to a good private equity platform.
3. Traits of a “deal” promoter.

Private Equity Investing Pitfalls.
Learn these most important

1. Greed – the worst of all

2. Too Much Ambition

3. Ignorance

4. Elevated Expectations

5. Overconfidence

6. Marginal Deals
7. Counting on the Government
8. Mis-management
9. Debt as a hidden partner

Professional Investor - Paul Anthony Thomas

About Paul

Paul Thomas, a 40 year veteran of private equity and value investing, recounts several of his hard learned lessons in this easy read. Having been mentored by a 50 year veteran of the venture capital and private investing world, Mr. Thomas’ experiences cover a wide variety of business sectors and topics including: Motivation, Proper Capitalization, The Right Attitude, Hedging and A Workable Exit. Text includes a detailed discussion of seven pitfalls to avoid in private investing.


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