Advantages of Private Hard Asset Portfolios

Private hard asset portfolios are becoming increasingly popular and can be beneficial options for long-term stability while minimizing risk through diversification strategies that span multiple forms of tangible assets. This provides our partners with both cash flow and  short-term &  long-term growth potential. Private Hard Asset Portfolios: The Advantages Hard assets offer several advantages. For […]

RV and Mobile Home Parks Move to the Mainstream.

Housing costs propel RV and Mobile Home Parks into the mainstream.    The Supertrend that creates this opportunity is “Inflation”. As the cost of housing at all levels (multi-family rentals to single family ownership) increases with inflation and wage rates slowly increase, individuals are forced into alternative, more affordable living arrangements.  Tiny Homes, Recreational Vehicles […]

Opportunity favors those who are prepared to act.

In the early 1990s, I was doing extensive research in the DFW Real Estate markets.  One 6 month period, I was focusing on the M-street section of the market-  the area east of Central Expressway centering around Mockingbird Lane to White Rock Lake.  At that time, the Resolution Trust was active in the area and […]