RV and Mobile Home Parks Move to the Mainstream.

RV and Mobile Home Parks Move to the Mainstream.
October 14, 2022

Housing costs propel RV and Mobile Home Parks into the mainstream. 


The Supertrend that creates this opportunity is “Inflation”. As the cost of housing at all levels (multi-family rentals to single family ownership) increases with inflation and wage rates slowly increase, individuals are forced into alternative, more affordable living arrangements.  Tiny Homes, Recreational Vehicles and Manufactured Housing are rapidly taking the place of traditional houses/apartments in the 2020’s and beyond.


Our research uncovers opportunities to benefit from this massive shift and also uncovers several “branch” investments that create consistent cashflow, offer tax advantages, and profit handsomely.


A portion of any diversified portfolio should contain an element of this marketplace.  We particularly like the real estate portion of this platform which includes building and managing Mobile Home parks and Recreational Vehicle (RV) parks. 


We particularly like these segments because these parks are relatively easy to  construct and manage with few moving parts which allows us to keep up with our cash flow with the help of fewer employees and lower overhead.


We consider these strategies to be effective assets for the accredited portfolio that is seeking consistent cash flow with few headaches.


Call us today to see what our current research is uncovering and how you can participate in this massive shift in the American dream.

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