To Create Wealth, Participate in the Basic Needs of “SUPERTRENDS”

November 4, 2022

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Over the past few decades, one of our favorite research areas has been “SUPERTRENDS”.  A “Supertrend” is a major shift in the way the world functions.  The table below shows past “SUPERTRENDS”.  They have created unbelievable wealth throughout the decades. The type of wealth we strive to create and protect for our partners. The table also shows the current “SUPERTRENDS” we research daily.

Every “Supertrend” has 1000’s of profitable branches including Real Estate, Transportation, Financing (Banking), Communications, Infrastructure, etc.  Our research techniques uncover and allow us to participate in these profitable branches.  It takes a lot of experience to recognize opportunities offered by Supertrends and what it takes to profit from the trend. 

6500 BC –  Wheel
30 BC –  Steam Engine
142 AD – Gunpowder
1837 – Telegraph
1850 – Steel
1876 – Telephone 
1876 – Internal Combustion Engine     
1886 – Automobile     
1895 – Pneumatic Tire     
1903 – Ford Assembly Line 
1903 – Airplane
1904 – Light bulb
1904 – Gene Mapping
1928 – Penicillin
1949 – Integrated Microchip
1965 – Internet1968 – Personal Computer

Hydrogen Energy
Nuclear Energy
Solar Energy
Air Travel
Water Management
Waste Management
Food Production
Manufacturing Technologies/Robotics
Genetics/Gene Therapy
Precious Minerals (Lithium-Rare Earths)
Medical Hardware
Commercial Real Estate
Artificial Intelligence (Software)

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