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Practice Areas

Distressed Assets/Companies

Our team of workout specialists constantly research companies and businesses that need capital and have assets to sell. Every time a company changes strategies, opportunities abound.

Real Estate

All types of Commercial Real Estate including self-storage, retail, industrial and distribution. warehousing

Retail & Medical Real Estate

Platforms and hands-on, on-the-ground research in the medical complex in major Texas cities creating opportunities.

Raw Land Development

Since the early 2000's, our real estate team has developed thousands of Residential & Commercial lots with major builders and developers.

Traditional & Alternative Energy

Traditional energy strategies like oil, natural gas, hydrothermal as well as solar and residential wind.

Sustainable & Infrastructure

Infrastructure platforms like water systems, wastewater systems, waste disposal (landfilling and recycling) and telecom.

Create & Protect Your Wealth

Experience Leads Everything We Do

My teams have been buying, developing and managing hard assets, real estate, oil and gas production, new ventures, manufacturing, service businesses and cash-flows for over 4 decades. In Real Estate, we mainly focus on Texas and the surrounding states in the commercial sector. In Oil & Gas, we focus on a niche of the market with partnerships that hold assets around the US. In venture, we focus on tech and medical devices.  We let our experience guide us in every decision we make.

Firm Partners

Paul Anthony Thomas Lead Bottle Washer

As a professional investor, Paul is an investment Generalist. He takes pride in knowing and understanding what he does not know. He surrounds himself with industry experts who have executed successful programs in the past and are ready to do the hard work necessary to be successful in the world of hard asset management and investing.

Paul Anthony Thomas, Principal

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