When Energy Prices Fall Again!

This document explains how falling oil prices create huge opportunities for investors.

Results of the Black Swan

40+ year veteran of private investing discusses the types of opportunities that present themselves during a financial recession or Black Swan event.

Book - Results of the Black Swan

What is Your Personal Investment Philosophy

This White Paper discusses how to understand your Personal Investment Philosophy (PIP), your risk tolerance and the things that drive your investing decisions.

book - Personal Investment Philosophy

Pitfalls of Private Investing

Read this before you do any private investing. Paul will help you avoid mistakes that can cost millions.

Book - Pitfalls of Private Investing

Elements of Successful Private Equity

Ever wonder what are the most important parts of a private equity investment? This resource will show you.

Book - Elements of Successful Private Equity

Top 10 Questions About Private Equity

Get answers to the most common questions about private equity investing from Paul.

FAQ - Private Equity Investing

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